Elite: Dangerous INRA Mycoid base 6 Velasquez Medical Research Centre

hello this is Ricardo and welcome to elite dangerous I'm in lp 3 eight nine – nine five system on approaches lovely blue planet it's a nice difference to see a nice blue planet planet seven in system and the coordinates will be on the screen soon and I'm pursuing per six of the inner base and microwave virus development mystery that's been unraveling over the past couple of days I've put the location of the system and the planet in the picture and picture on the screen to save you roaming around the system looking for it yourself there are going to be logs involved like with my other episodes in this series so there is going to be a spoiler alert if you haven't already done so please can I ask you to click the subscribe and the like button if you haven't already done so so that you can see more videos of this ilk that I'm putting on YouTube so we're gonna play the music we're gonna sit back and we're going to enjoy the vellus cares Medical Research Center where they've developed a vaccine for the micro virus speak to you soon spoiler alert spoiler alert exactly some corporate bigwigs but they definitely convinced the board I can't say I'm surprised they offered a lot of money for access to our laughs apparently the board probably didn't even ask you what they wanted it for I believe I got the bosses to promise the lab wouldn't be used to make biological weapon medical facility after all corporation gave us their money it turns out they want us to make some kind of vaccine an antidote for an unnamed biological weapon they've given us samples and data but whatever we press for information silence we're working in the dark with our hands tied behind our backs and tricycle traps have got everything's neat but I have no idea what half it comes from they give this material the weapons been tested on both organic and inorganic we finally been given access to a sample of the weapon and it's opened up all kinds of avenues I still worry about the ease with which your benefactors acquired the sample but I'm probably just being paranoid they obviously have big pocket having access to unlimited funds left open all kinds of doors after months of research the solution ended up being pretty simple once you break it down it's a fairly straightforward organic compound little more than a fungus really we tested a vaccine on some of the older samples well it doesn't undo any 50 damage it does prevent the weapon from doing any further harm our sponsors certainly seem happy the lab is being dismantled see was our sponsors want to move us to a new location but their representatives appeared a few days ago demanded that all data be transferred to their servers and all samples be put into storage ready to be moved why are they doing this the lab organ meets our needs they made sure of it I tried to talk to them but I just got stonewalled apparently all information is on a need-to-know basis and I don't need to know you

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