Medicine and Health – Postgraduate Research | University of East Anglia (UEA)

The Medicine and Health Sciences faculty covers a wide range of disciplines in research, from clinical medicine to bench science and social science research The university has really good facilities, there are great labs and office space as well as really strong connections with local health care providers

All students have at least two supervisors and they're also supported through a training programme which enables them to develop from novice researchers through to confident practitioners who are able to lead them develop their own research The main way UEA has supported me as a PhD student is in the variety of comprehensive courses and modules available to me which have really helped develop my skill-set As a public health doctor, I've been supported throughout the whole journey of my my PhD, from designer to obtaining and grant funding to do my PhD and then through to completing the research The diversity of the international community at UEA provides very enriching experience in the sense that you get to meet people from different cultures that all have a passion for science Two things attracted me to study at UEA – firstly the extensive research environment which provided the opportunity for me to collaborate and meet with people from different research areas, the second thing was Norwich itself, it offers a great sense of community but at the same time it is a calm and peaceful living environment

What's distinctive about studying here is that we have a very rich postgrad research student body both in terms of professional background, different educational preparation and different cultural mix and that leads to a really good diverse student body and a global community

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