Moody Foundation Gives Generous Gift To Support Transformative Medical Research

We're thrilled to announce that one of the largest foundations in the entire state of Texas has chosen to stand alongside Children's Health and our mission to make life better for children by providing fuel for the scientists here who are discovering the new treatments and therapies that will benefit children across North Texas and far beyond for generations to come The Moody Foundation’s mission is to be for the perpetual benefit of present and future Texans

And their mission and that with CRI (Children's Research Institute) couldn’t align better, because what could you do more than help children get better For Children’s Research Institute to have a transformative impact, there is really two components we need to do First, we have to be able to identify and recruit the top young scientists in the country Second of all, we have to create a culture of discovery within the Institute Where we want everyone swinging for the fences

And to do that, we need to be able to provide the kind of support within the institute When somebody has a potentially transformative idea, we have to be able to allow them to run with it And the gift from the Moody Foundation will help us to do that I think the Moody Foundation has always invested in children and in the future of Texas This is another venture for them to feel like they're part of something that is grand and wonderful that can happen for children

You know we’ve been close to the Moody Foundation for a long time The trustees there have generously invested in the work of Children’s Health for many years This takes that investment to an entirely new level This is a game-changing investment in what the future of pediatric medicine will look like not only for children here in North Texas, but for kids around the world

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